Trail run
- Crosskovácsi `18 Columbia Montrail Trail run
16th June 2019. Sunday 10.30 a.m.

Name of the race

Crosskovácsi `19 Columbia Montrail Trail run


16th June 2019. Sunday 10.30 a.m.


Crosskovácsi Sport- és Környezetvédő Egyesület

2094 Nagykovácsi

Kolozsvár tér 3.

Official webpage


President of Crosskovácsi SKE
Attila Mátyus
Mobile: +36 20 9 426 486

English Information:
Iván Bárdos
Telefon: +36 30 9 661 270

Race Executive:
Szilvia Kesztyűs
Telefon: +36 70 3 980 547

Zsuzsanna Gyurik
Telefon: +36 30 8 158 480

Contacts online:



Nagykovácsi, Tisza Castle

Nagykovácsi is a settlement located in Pest county in the area of the Buda Mountains. It has become one of the most favourite places of the outskirts of Budapest because of the short distance to districts II and XII. The settlement is surrounded by hills and has a unique environment.

Nagykovácsi is located in a valley between the two biggest hills of Pilis range Nagy-Kopasz and Kutya-hegy. It’s 15 km away from the centre of Budapest, close to district II. Thanks to its favourable location Nagykovacsi attracts more and more tourists every year.

The race centre is situated at the 9 acre park of the Nagykovacsi Tisza Castle. The race starts and ends here. The park of the castle is directly connected to the forests at the south of Nagykovacsi.

Categories and info


Short: 3,45 kms

Middle: 7 kms

Long: 14 kms

Information on Entry

On the entry platform of ODINSPORT.EU (Crosskovácsi montrail terepfutó)

Entry at the site:

  • 14th June 2019. 16.00-19.00
  • 15th June 2019. 11.00-14.00
  • 16th June 2019. 8.00-10.15

Race categories

For details see Hungarian website


1st ranked adult male and female athletes at the long distance - 14 and 7km categories will receive Columbia Montrail trail running shoes, in rank 2-3 will receive other Columbia Montrail products.

The best athletes (in rank 1-3) at 14 km will receive money reward


  • 1. rank 25000 Ft
  • 2. rank 20000 Ft
  • 3. rank 15000 Ft


  • 1. rank 25000 Ft
  • 2. rank 20000 Ft
  • 3. rank 15000 Ft

Additionally, the 1-3 ranked athletes in each category will receive a unique Crossskovácsi medal and a custom-designed 2019 Crosskovácsi technical T-shirt.

Race tracks

For updated maps please refer to the Hungarian website

A high resolution map can be downloaded in PDF by clicking here.

Timing of Race

Electronic timing system - run by Tempo-Sport Kft.


During the competition we offer 3 different parking zones.

1. Parking zone:

The car park of the American International School of Budapest along the main road.

2. Parking zone:

Starting at the gate of Tisza Castle in the direction of the village

3. Parking zone:

Ady Endre Street

Road closures

On 16th June bw. 10.20 a.m. and 11.10 a.m.

At the time of the race the section between Szent Sebestyén chapel - Eötvös Street – car park of the American School will be closed.

For safe parking please contact the Police or the Local Safeguard Service on the spot.

Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations on track running races of the Hungarian Athletic Federation apply.

Rescue system at the race

Rescue is provided by professional nurses and doctors sent to the spot in two vehicles if necessary. There is an additional ambulance car in the race centre with professional medical staff.

If you see any injuries please report it at the refreshment point or at one of the 8 check points. Please notice and report the km sector where the accident happened.

Important information

It is forbidden to enter the park of the Castle by car.

For safe parking please contact the Police or the Local Service at the site.