- Race information
​In 2019 Crosskovácsi marathon race welcomes visitors and competitors again. Please see general information about the race below.


Location of start: Nagykovácsi Tisza Castle

Date of start: 15.06.2019

The date of the race is always determined at the beginning of the actual year. The planned time is always 10.30. The race starts in front of the main entrance of the castle.The first couple of kilometres take place on the main road of the town towards Adyliget escorted by policemen.

The different categories start in every two minutes. Professionals start first followed by other categories and kids at last. Announcement of results take place in the afternoon on the land of the castle, after the races finished. Timing with chips and the checkpoints ensure the correct racing.

How to get there

Nagykovácsi is a town located in Pest shire in the area of Pilisvörösvár. It has become one of the most favourite places of the agglomeration of Budapest because of the short distance to district II. and XII. The town is surrounded by hills and has a unique environment.

Nagykovácsi is located in a valley between the two biggest hills of Pilis system Nagy-Kopasz and Kutya-hegy. It’s 15 km away from the centre of Budapest.

The American International School of Budapest is also built in Nagykovácsi.

The town is approachable with public transport. Bus Nr. 63 operates bus services from Hűvösvölgy to Nagykovácsi from 4 a.m. till 11 p.m. every day and Bus Nr. 963 goes at night time.


During the competition we offer 3 different parking zones.

  1. parking zone: the car park of the American International School of Budapest. This zone ensures the safest parking and offers a suitable place for packing and repairing. It can be found 600 m from the location of the race.
  2. Eotvos utca which is just beside the Nagykovácsi main road and its car park next to Sebestyén chapel. This zone is located 400 m from the race.
  3. Next to the start of the race the entire Ady Endre utca.

Attention! During the race Nagykovácsi main road and 200 m long section in front of Tisza castle will be closed. During the entire competition parking on both sides of these streets is forbidden. In case of offense against this rule penalty fee has to be paid.

On the map green, blue and yellow colours indicate these major parking zones (see later).


How to register?

Basically registration happens electronically but you can also register on-site before the competition. Online registration is on .

General information

Mind the deadlines! The sooner you register the less it costs. Even if the registration is done, without paying the registration fee the registration is invalid.

Online registration fees and different deadlines for short- middle- and long distance are:

Until 28.02.2019- HUF 8000 (with t-shirt), HUF 7000 (without t-shirt)

Until 1.04.2019 - HUF 9000 (with t-shirt), HUF 8.000 (without t-shirt)

Until 1.06- HUF 9000 (only without t-shirt)

Personal registration HUF 10000 (only without t-shirt)

For entry fees and deadlines for the Mini categories, please visit here.

Online registration

This year the competition takes place on 15.06.2019 (Saturday!).

The T-shirt is a technical t-shirt that is suitable for sports and not a souvenir. Click here for full resolution image (see later).

All online registration happens solely on This website also contains the list of people who already registered.

Personal registration

We also provide personal registration which is unique in marathon races. With this we provide opportunity for hobby category to decide in the last minute to take part in the competition.

Date of personal registration

Day before the competition: 14.06.2019, 16 pm to 19 pm

On the day of the competition: 15.06.2019, from 7.30 am until 9.30 am

In case of personal registration unfortunately we are unable to offer t-shirts.

Amendments of registrations cost HUF 3.500

Important information

It is important to know that by registering and paying the registration fee we expect you to accept the followings:

“I enter the competition on my own responsibility. I know the Marathon rules and regulation of MMTBSzSz and UCI and its obligatory for me. On the lines of the competition I act by the rules of traffic and the rules of KRESZ and I obey the commands of the referees. The organisers are not responsible for any accidents and financial damages that happen during the competition. I declare that I am aware of the level of difficulty of the competition.”

VIP entry

What to do in case of VIP registration? Entry normally: – choose your category and pay 12.000.- HUF registration fee. We will know that your entry is VIP.

The VIP entry package includes the following:

1.Entry for the race, in your chosen category

2.Race number

3.Your 2019 Crosskovácsi tech t-shirt

4.Parking ticket for the car park directly in front of the castle.

5.Food and beverage ticket, which can be redeemed in the hot food buffet on the race.

6.Bike bottle

7. drink power for 1 liter of liquid

8.Energy bar

All these can be collected at the entry desk called „VIP entry” on the day of the race or the day before

Registration fee of VIP entry is HUF 12.000 /person

Deadline for VIP entry is 27.04.2019

Registration categories

You can register for the following categories:

6 km Family race

Minimum 2, maximum 4 people per family

U9 family race

U11 family race

U13 family race

6 km kids race

In this category competitors can take part only with escort.

U9 kids race *

U11 kids race *

U13 kids race *

U15 kids race

30 km short distance

U15 man *

U15 woman *

U17 man *

U17 woman*

U19 man

U19 woman

Hobby man

Hobby woman

Master 1 man *

Master 1 woman*

Master 2 man *

Master 2 woman *

Master 3 man

Master 3 woman

Master 4 man

Master 4 woman

59 km middle distance

Junior man U19 *

Junior woman U19 *

Hobby man

Hobby woman

Master 1 man

Master 1 woman

Master 2 man

Master 2 woman

Master 3 man

Master 3 woman

74 km long distance

Elit man *

Master 1 man *

Master 2 man *

*These are the official categories of the Hungarian Cup.

Line information

Description of lines and charts

Kids and family races 6,2 km which is equal to the length of opening lap that has to be completed by all categories. The maximum level difference is 150 m.

Short distance which is 30,2 km that consists of 6,2 km opening lap and a 24 km section of the 44 km long “Big round”. The maximum level difference is 850 m.

Middle distance which is 50 km that consists of 6,2 km opening lap and the 44 km long “Big round”. The maximum level difference is 1650 m.

Long distance is 74 km and comprises a 6,2 km opening lap, the 44 km long “Big round” and a 23,8 km long section of the “Big round”. Maximum level difference is 2500 m.

After completing the opening lap and the “Big round” the competitors cross the finish in Tisza castle. We also placed our technical zone 20 m after the finish.


Click here to download full size map (see later).

Viewing the lines

As the lines are going through strictly protected nature reserve the only way to view the lines in advance is to attend line viewing events which we organize a month before the competition. If you want to attend this event please contact László Paulovits.

Please protect the nature and please walk and cycle only on the pathways.

During the line viewing hazardous gullies, twigs and deep vehicle trails may occur therefore please cycle carefully. These problems will be fixed by the competition.

Technical zone

During the competition we set up a technical zone in the garden of Tisza castle right after one of the refreshing points on the opposite side.

Refreshing points

During the competition refreshing points are allocated as it follows:

Short distance: 30 km / 850

  1. 6,4 km Kastélypark
  2. 13,5 km Anna-lak
  3. 19,0 km Nagy-kopasz

Middle distance: 51 km / 1600

  1. 6,4 km Kastélypark
  2. 16,2 km Kutyahegy
  3. 23,5 km Kutyahegy
  4. 34,2 km Anna-lak
  5. 40,0 km Nagy-kopasz

Long distance: 74 km / 2300

  1. 6,4 km Kastélypark
  2. 16,2 km Kutyahegy
  3. 23,5 km Kutyahegy
  4. 34,2 km Anna-lak
  5. 40,0 km Nagy-kopasz
  6. 51,2 km Kastély
  7. 58,3 km Anna-lak
  8. 64,1 km Nagy-kopasz